Side Projects

Breadclip Co. has created a new style of slim wallets that are conventional, convenient and hip. Follow the launch on our snapchat and see the entire process from coming up with an idea to launching a product.




LivelihoodTV is a docu-series created by Coin + Buck about the people in this world that make it that much better to live in (I know it’s vague, but we’re still in production). Currently we have two episodes in the can with a number of subjects left to film. Click here for a behind the scenes look at our show. Stay tuned!


Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.10.30 PM.pngActing & Entertainment Reel

Francis has been in a number of national commercials, music videos and television/film appearances including Miller Lite, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, National Geographic’s The Story of God, Alpha Romeo, Lexus, Denny’s, GMC, Lifetime, Massada Eyewear and more.




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