Kitty WadeNational Program Director at Brewco Marketing Group

I Kitty Wade, am the National Program Director for Brewco Marketing Group, A leader in experiential marketing. would like to recommend Francis Duggan as a Product specialists to represent and promote your products. Francis has been responsible with the opening the California market for our International client. He has delivered an exceptional experience to our consumers while engaging, on an exceptional, creative and professional way. His dedication and attention to the brand has made him an exceptionally valuable part of our team. He is responsible for delivering a creative and engaging message to potential consumers in a way that made if fun by interacting and exchanging ideas with the consumers at many events such as Nascar, festivals, concerts and sporting. He has been responsible for executing all promotional activities with giving care to keeping within budgets and compliance with FDA regulations In working with Francis, I have discovered that he is very confident and proactive in the way he interacts with his co-workers, as well as the general public. He follows direction very well, yet he has exceptional ability to bring a team together with his wit and charm. Francis’s creativity exceeds expectation in marketing expectations. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Francis Duggan, who has been a dedicated member of our team, as a passionate, dedicated addition to anyone seeking a position in their company. I believe Francis will be a valuable asset to the employer that is fortunate enough to hire him.


Heather Stoltz : Experienced Realtor in all Real Estate transactions – Listing Agent, Buyer’s Rep, REO, Short Sale

I hired Francis to launch a 2nd website for my real estate business. By partnering with his in-genius ideas in web design for realtors my business has grown. Having his company as a resource helps me to successfully convert online leads more quickly and with high consumer confidence. My web presence now has the “wow” factor I was looking for. Francis’ team has helped market my brand and is helping lead me to greater success in a highly competitive market. I truly enjoy the speed, attention to detail and results I am getting by partnering with him in my marketing efforts. His company is on the ball and they work with lightening speed which I very much appreciate. Well worth every penny spent. I highly recommend him and his company RealScout.

Peter Kitch : Entrepreneur | Health Nut | Tech Geek

Francis is the owner of a brilliant mind. He will always put you at ease and put a smile on your face. Such a fun person to talk to and do business with!

Sara Spang : Sales Associate at Keller Williams

Francis is highly involved in the sophisticated search world. He now drives “RealScout,” a sophisticated search tool for real estate buyers and sellers. His family has always been in real estate and he understands the past modes of searching and now what current buyers and seller need to search. His RealScout is based on accurate real estate information in the MLS, unlike other commercial search tools. No hypothetical estimates are given. Geographical areas are defined by local parameters and each searcher can determine their own personal needs and desires. The search tool includes US and broad international coverage. Francis is a truly creative professional and responsible sales executive.

Christine Ko : Senior Sales Associate at Climb Real Estate Group

Francis played a key role in expanding my real estate practice. He was able to recognize my needs as a real estate professional and explain how RealScout could add value to my business. He is extremely well spoken, able to compact complicated ideas into easily understood terms, and a great communicator.


Yutaka Yamamoto : Business Intelligence and Analytics at Oracle

As an Account Executive at RealScout, I worked alongside Francis Duggan. Francis’s refreshing and self-motivated personality sees an opportunity in every obstacle that he faces. Francis refuses to categorize his daily activities as work and goes above and beyond his call of duty for the self-fulfillment of finding out how far he can push himself. His dynamic approach to problem solving often placed him in a leadership position – synchronizing the delicate and tedious choreography of deep relationships. As my mentor and friend, Francis’s passion can be described in one word as ‘Inspiring.’

Devon Morgan : Graduate Student at Liberty University

Dynamic speaker. Master relationship-builder. Magnetic personailty. Francis J lights up any room he walks into and has the rare ability to attract people to himself with his unique charm and interpersonal abilities. Francis J is an energetic take-charge leader, and I am confident that he will achieve success at whatever endeavor he chooses to do.


Lea Berry : Life Coach, Speaker, and Chief Possibilities Officer for driven Millennial Women

During our studies at Bridgewater State Francis demonstrated an enthusiastic approach to his work inside and outside of the classroom quite unique in many ways. His presence on campus extended from social to academic organizations, and his charm and knowledge of studies was extremely useful for someone like me without a talent for finance. I whole heatedly recommend him based on all that he has accomplished during his time and his unique character and spirit.

Chris Silva : Sr. Technical Recruiter at JVT Advisors

Francis is one of the best among people I have met during my academic career. While volunteering with Francis at the American Marketing Association he demonstrated and expected the highest levels of professionalism from himself and those around him. Profesionaly Francis is a subject matter expert in his field, deadline oriented, and proactive. He exudes professionalism, honesty, and integrity at all times. I have recommended Francis to clients in the past and I would not hesisatate too in the future.

Seethu Abraham : Banking

I have had the pleasure of knowing Francis during my academic career. He was very active as the President of American Marketing Association and Creator of Chipping for Charity in Bridgewater State University.

Francis is an intelligent and capable young man who was very dedicated in all his works. He is always quick on his feet. He is a social person who was interested in meeting people and encouraging them to get involved in certain groups/associations. He has highly impresses me as a very intelligent, sincere and a diligent person. I would recommend him highly to any prospective company.


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